Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Still not losing weight

Well, I must say that although the 2 day Japanese Lingzhi diet seems to be working for many, I am still not losing weight. On the bright side, I am not gaining weight either, so that is at least a plus. My weight has remained the same : (

I can tell you though, that I haven't been eating the healthiest things and this is perhaps why I am not losing weight. Appetite suppression and dry mouth continue as well as bathroom effects. I have not experienced constipation as others have, so this is a good thing. Sleeplessness is also an effect.

I will keep on with this diet and will let you know how I continue to do. I am still hopeful and there is a possibility that this just may not work for me.


2 day diet said...

May be you should try 2 day diet for another one week!

2 day diet japan lingzhi said...

Take it easy! 2 day diet pills is an good diet pills,for more time,you dream will come true.